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Central Florida Links

Wait a minute… shouldn’t there be a video here or something?… maybe a talking head blibbering about how it’s driving because it has no time? On that note how does a talking head even drive?!… Anyway enough with the silliness … Continue reading

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Grass fed beef giveaway?

Check out this link for a chance to win some grassfed beef! Also for any Groks in the area… There will be a GrokFeast happening in Melbourne on Sunday the 25th…if you are interested in more info let me know … Continue reading

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MDA 30-day challenge!

So I know this video is currently broken…as soon as I get on wifi again I will be swapping it for a working version so if you see a thumbnail below it should be working…otherwise I’m sorry but you’ll have … Continue reading

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Half Naked Progress

Warning… if you don’t want to see half naked me it is best to navigate away from this post… Video Link

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Another update?

How long has it been now?… pretty much forever right?… anyway… a quick update for you… if you care Video Link I think I forgot to say I’m also reading The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith… so far I would … Continue reading

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Talking heads

What do you know…another talking head video… I really need to get away from these… Its not like I have a large viewership anyway… and now I go and bore the hell out of them with talking heads… 0.0.. I’ll … Continue reading

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Another Driving Update…

Video Link

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