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Central Florida Links

Wait a minute… shouldn’t there be a video here or something?… maybe a talking head blibbering about how it’s driving because it has no time? On that note how does a talking head even drive?!… Anyway enough with the silliness … Continue reading

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The Vegetarian Myth and Zucchini

Video Link In other news…I’ve been reading Body By Science by Doug McGuff and will be posting a review when I’m through with it… Also today I’m fasting with the intend of after work running a Stubborn Fat Solution Protocol … Continue reading

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Primal Slackline BBQ

I cannot put any pictures up yet, since they are on a computer that I won’t have any time with for a few more days… but here are some videos from this past weekends Slackline BBQ… For those of you … Continue reading

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Star Fruit

So yesterday I tried a star fruit for the first time ever… I had to google how to eat it :-\ … Anyway… sorry I cut my head off, but I figure I was in frame enough to not bother … Continue reading

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Hello…hello… is this thing on?

Whew it has been foreeeever since I’ve updated… Sorry about that… Anyway… here is a quick update of what has been going on… My brother’s visit went well (he was in town for a week). I’m officially moved (have been … Continue reading

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Garam Masala!

What is Garam Masala? Well… (as I have learned recently) Garam Masala is an Indian spice mix. Although you can by the spice prepackaged, it is not a uniform recipe and tends to vary by region. I picked mine up … Continue reading

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Batty’s Blueberry Butter Balls Remix!

Sunday has come and gone so I was finally able to upload my cooking update! (I haven’t committed to Vimeo yet so am holding off on Vimeo Plus for greater upload volumes)… Anyway today I have for you… Butter Balls!… well…technically it is … Continue reading

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