The Vegetarian Myth and Zucchini

Video Link

In other news…I’ve been reading Body By Science by Doug McGuff and will be posting a review when I’m through with it…

Also today I’m fasting with the intend of after work running a Stubborn Fat Solution Protocol using a FULL STACK! (aka no half doses of suppliments!)… I’ve never done this before and honestly I’m not so sure it will be so good… when I take a full dose of caffeine, a full dose of L-tyorsine, and a HALF dose of Yohimbine HCL I am all sort of crazy and it leaves me messed up for the rest of the day… on top of that I am usually fairly ravenous afterward (although I’m sure fasting is partly to blame for that haha) but still… luckily I don’t work tomorrow (its my birthday …ssshhhh don’t tell anyone) so I am staying home and if I need to I can get back to center

Anyway… it is awfully quiet around here… sooo feel free to post a comment!

And if you happen to be in the greater Orlando area… tomorrow night we’ll be hitting up Texas de Brazil for a meat feast in honor of my girlfriend and my birthdays! (that’s right…she stole my birthday :-/)

until next time..

Grok on!

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