Warrior Dash and the like…

Well this weekend has come and gone and I have officially completed my first Warrior Dash…I’ll put up some pics as soon as I can/am not at work :-p..

the run went pretty well… for those of you unaware the Warrior Dash in Lake Wales Florida is a 3.02 mile obstacle course/run

I feel as if I owned the obstacles, but my run between them could have been a little better… I think I finished in a not horrible time, but I’m not really sure what my time is since I didn’t wear a watch… … official times should be posted online later and I’ll update with those numbers…

overall my form was a little soft and my lungs where burning but I had a blast and would do it again!

If I can get the green together I’ll be looking at going to IL to run the one up there with my brothers… then I’m interested in doing a Tough Mudder but I think I’ll need some training first…

whereas I feel as if my fitness is pretty good after seeing everyone at the Warrior Dash I feel as if I really need to pick it up a notch…

anyway that is all the rambling you get for today..

Grok on!

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