Successful weekend

This weekend went pretty well…

Awhile back MDA had a contest and I won a prize!… that prize finally got here (after a little confusion and whatnot)

without further adieu let me present to you… THE PRIZE!!!

Sledge Arrived



for scale
For those of you who are unaware… this is a “shot loadable sledge” hammer from Strongergrip it came with enough media to bring it’s weight to just over 20lbs… I believe the scale read 20.4 :D… which is pretty weighty…

if i were to purchase lead shot media it would get even heavier!

I received it in the mail on Friday, and had paintball on saturday so I haven’t done too much with it yet, but have done a small/short shovelglove workout… I didn’t want to get sore or anything for my paintball adventures… so I did four of the movements for about 7 mins and it worked out pretty good…

I’m in the process of getting a tire to beat the bananas out of too but that will probably be a little bit off yet…

the four movements I did were

churn butter
chop wood
flip the lever

and it worked out pretty good… 20 lbs is probably a little much for me right now but still… I’ll keep at it 😀 it felt good to move some weight again (as oppose to body weight exercises;what I’ve been doing)

Saturday I woke up bright and early for some paintballing fun with a work group… it was a blast… I wish my girlfriend would have made it out but I still had fun… was at the field from 10-5ish tearing it up the whole time… …

Sunday I went on a five mile walk…

today I’m crazy sore :-/ … I was suppose to do a rough workout on Sunday also so I could heal up in time for my weekly pushup competition but I was too sore for that… I was really too sore to even go on that walk but once I got moving felt alright…

I’ll be getting some paintball pics soon and then I’ll post them… so until then..

Grok on!



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