Way too long…

IT’S OFFICIAL!… I haven’t updated in a million years :(…

now now I know what you are thinking, “you look mighty good for a million year old”… well, firstly, Thank you… but I can’t take all the credit…I owe it mainly to my diet, exercise, and of course a good dose of luck.

So I don’t have a video for you today, but I figured since it has been so long I should update something just so you know I’m still kicking…not to mention to hopefully help re-spark the blog-y goodness in my soul

So let’s see…what has been going on for me…

My girlfriend is back in town…so that is awesome :D… there has been some adjustments but things are going more or less smoothly… and I think things will only get better …

I ran my first official 2 miler and 5k wearing my Vibrams… and in both I set a new PR! (16:55 and 26:34 respectively) … I’m not fast by any means… but I’m getting faster… I think I’ll be happy when I get down under 25 minutes for a 5k…

I finally broke 50 pushups in one set… I got 51!…unfortunately the following week I tweaked my neck and could only do 44 :(… my neck is almost better (going to the Chiro again today to hopefully shake out the rest of it) so hopefully I can get 50 again this week…

once I can get 50 consistently I will be happy there… 😀

Other goals that are secondary right now are…

Pistol Squats (any…each leg)
10 Dead Hang Pull-ups (I can only do 3 now 😦 )
Handstand Push-up (any)

and goals that are farther away yet

Planche Push-up (any)

In a couple weekends I have Beach Palooza in Daytona to run … it’s a 2 mile obstacle course on the beach… very similar to Warrior Dash style events but shorter…

I wasn’t going to do it but Groupon got a deal and saved me a TON of money…

then in January I have the Warrior Dash to do…

hrm… what else what else… …

oh… I’m growing out my beard for the Warrior Dash to be in the spirit of the competition…I also figure I’ll wear face/body paint :D…I’m looking pretty grizzly… *yikes!*

Aaah! Scary beard-ness!!!

Grok On!


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One Response to Way too long…

  1. Sam Hale says:

    Great posts by the way. you should check out the race I am training for, The Spartan Race http://www.spartanrace.com

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