*WARNING LONG POST* Japan Trip Part 07

Continued from Japan Trip Part 06

I believe these are from a second time we went to Yokohama…but I don’t recall exactly…

Some snacks!




While in Yokohama we were looking for Tokyu hands but got ‘lost’ and found some awesome!

Video Link

Video Link

Video Link

Video Link

If you stay out late you can look forward to riding the whole way home like this…

Video Link

From some place on base Katie got a thing talking about Ginza… it seemed cool so we thought we’d check it out on Sunday… Sunday’s they are suppose to close one of the major streets and it is suppose to be a bizarre atmosphere… sadly we found the street but saw no such bizarre… still…adventures were had

In Ginza they have each of the four major department stores that are in Japan… we only wondered through one of their massive stores but still…

Some fruit…thing… ?…

Video Link
At the time of this writing… the watermelon rings in at $99.42 USD
and the other melon rings in at $149.32 USD

Video Link





Inconsistent value?

Video Link

Video Link

Video Link

To be continued… Part 08

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