*WARNING LONG POST* Japan Trip Part 01

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I’ve finished all the posts about Japan… there are 10 of them in all… instead of flooding all the posts up right now I’m probably going to do a couple of posts a day until they are all up… I hope you enjoy them
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Just to give everyone a heads up… this post will be insanely long… I’ve tried to figure out the best way to do this, but I couldn’t come up with any end all be all super solution… I tried to put it up as one long post but it proved more than my browser could handle…so I’m breaking it up arbitrarily…

My journey to the land of the rising sun started out a little rough… My flight left at something like 0700 Friday morning and since I’ve never traveled internationally before I wasn’t risking anything…so after work Thursday afternoon I went for a goofball run (think free running lite) and then came home to finish my preparations…

I finished with all the things I think I needed to do around 2100hrs…at this point I should have taken a nap but I was really tired and didn’t want to risk not waking up since my ride to the airport was going to be picking me up at like 0300… it is an hour drive to the airport and I wanted to be there plenty early (somewhere I got 3 hours early as a good number)…

My ride called me around 0200ish saying he was getting sleeping so he wanted to take me then instead of trying to stay awake later…

we went…

I got to the airport and was waaaay to early… the check in counter wasn’t even open yet… so I sat around and waited… trying to stay awake…

anyway… blahblahblah and I’m on a plane flying from MCO to ORD (Chicago O’hare International Airport) … that went fine… made my connecting flight after getting a bite to eat and starting winging my way towards the land of the rising sun!!!

After about 6.5 hours of flight time the captain tells us there is some issue with the lavatory and we will be diverting to San Fransisco with is another 3 hours away… *sigh*

By the time I was on the ground again it had ended up taking us some 9.5 hours to flight from Chicago to San Fransisco… great… at least the airline was paying for my hotel room for the night and a meal voucher… I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed anyway… … …

The bad news was I had no idea when my flight was going to be getting to Japan now, so there was no way I could tell my girlfriend (whom I was meeting there) when to expect me at the airport… *great*

I don’t find out when I’m going to be getting to Japan until after I was already in the air… so that went… well… …

the worst part about that is my girlfriend has to work during the week so we were both looking forward to being able to spend all of Sunday together without her having to work… …that plan went up in smoke…

I roll into the airport at around noon local time, with my last communication with my girlfriend being a text message (to e-mail) saying we were taking off… I had to only hope that she would come to the airport and find me

I ended up waiting around for a few hours (3?) and eventually found her… we had some frozen treats from a vending machine…

Ice Cream

we then started our journey to where we would be staying… with took another 3 hours or so… I was exhausted at this point…

which brings us to our first video!!!

Video Link

We didn’t really do much else that night but go to bed… I was totally ready to sleep at this point…

I’m going to stop recalling events like a narrative now since I pretty much just have pics and videos to queue my memories… so without further adieu… lets move a little faster with the media!

I believe it was the next day, but I’m not really 100% sure… but we went and ate some yakiniku … oddly enough yakiniku is actually a Korean style of eating where you have raw food brought to you and cook it for yourself… there are a number of these places around Japan and although they are not cheap…most have an ‘all you can eat’ option during certain time periods




Video Link

These pictures where taking on the rooftop of Moore’s City Mall which is where the yakiniku place we ate at was located… It is a good thing we stopped to take pictures because Katie forgot her wallet at the restaurant and after this we got back on the train!

I find this decorative sign ironically humorous…

Ironic Sign

Ironic Tradition



Mocking Sign

To be continued… Part 02

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