Almost close

So I have most of my videos ready for upload (save a couple that are converting now) and I’ve buckled and got Vimeo Plus…without it, it was going to take over a month to get all my videos online (due to bandwidth limitations) but now with Vimeo Plus and the Desktop Uploader I should be ready to start knocking out thumbnails in a few hrs… … it takes a while to upload the 2ish GBs of video goodness… I’m going to put all my photos on my FTP server in the event that I don’t get through them today so that I can go through them manana at work (I’m so bad)… so then I will just have to figure out how to present it all… as of right now I’m thinking about making a separate Japan page that is just a monster with everything on it… and I might highlight a few videos/some pictures in a couple of posts… I’m still not sure…any ideas?…

Grok On!

Shrine in Kamakura Japan

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One Response to Almost close

  1. Cool blog, I hadn’t come across earlier during my searches!
    Continue the good work!

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