2011 Warrior Dash Lake Wales, Fl

Lo and behold today I discovered that there will be a Warrior Dash pretty much right in my back yard… … well…ok… not in my back yard but a few hours away… still… waaay closer than in Georgia where the closest one was last year.

I’m attempting to round up some hooligans and take that motha’ by storm! I can’t wait to rock my VFFs! Let me know if you want in and we can coordinate the wave times and grok it together! … for those of you too far away or otherwise unable to attend what do you think about the whole experience?…

Any idea how cold it will be in January this year?… What to wear what to wear…hrm..

Have any of you done a warrior dash in the past?… We are thinking about getting a hotel room either the day before (drive down then) or the day off so we can shower off after… ideas?… how did your warrior dash experience go?… tips? tricks?

Grok On!

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5 Responses to 2011 Warrior Dash Lake Wales, Fl

  1. Erin says:

    I would recommend a hotel the night after…..both for the shower, but also so you can hang out and enjoy the festivities. There was a stage with live music, lots and lots of food (even some more primal selections), and the people were a blast. They usually have some way to ‘rinse’ off at the event (fire hoses, showers run from a creek…), so you can get sorta clean and then go enjoy the fun. It takes about 30-45 minutes to run the course, so run an afternoon wave in the sun, and then stay for the evening celebration.

    • MDA's Fatkid says:

      Awesome Erin! Thanks for the advice!

      I ended up registering for a wave at 1300hrs so hopefully it will be a warm day (January in Florida can be kind of hit or miss…although still probably waaay warmer than CO… I think last January averaged at about 60 degrees F) …

      I’m already figuring in some cheats… the ‘free beer’ I am planning on enjoying and at least a turkey leg (who knows how it is prepared/oiled/etc)… but still…

      I’ll be sure to update after the run…and if I can get a spectator to go and take pictures I’ll have some of that to post…but I’m not going to risk my camera 😀

      Grok On!!!

  2. Matt says:

    Rock on. We’ll have a couple groups coming up from Fort Myers, but it looks like camping out will be the way to stay with rooms being booked up and cabins/campers requiring massive deposits.

    We can’t bring our own food? Seriously? That’s pretty weak IMO, as some of us would like psuedo-healthy (aka non-greasness) before running this. Plus I don’t expect vendors to be open all night and dishing out smores & hotdogs to cook over our firepit, much less sandwiches with “Double-Protein” as you pictured. I called TCR and they gave the a-ok to dig a firepit surprisingly!

    I’m REALLY hoping they won’t be Nazis about bringing own food. Anyhow, it should be a blast…we have dumbass costumes in the works.

  3. KIM W. says:

    Was my first Warrior Dash……FABULOUS!!! What a great day!

  4. Signed up for the one here in Michigan. Can’t wait. Too bad I couldn’t make yours, but there’s no way an old guy like me could hang with you youngsters anyway.

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