Hello…hello… is this thing on?

Whew it has been foreeeever since I’ve updated… Sorry about that…

Anyway… here is a quick update of what has been going on…

My brother’s visit went well (he was in town for a week).

I’m officially moved (have been since right after my last update), so I have been settling in and trying to find stuff and all that jazz… it is a bit … um… ugh…

My girlfriend who is currently stationed in Yokosuka, Japan has had her leave chit approved so I purchased my airfare to fly over there in the end of August to visit her! I’m going to be over there for her birthday so that is awesome…unfortunately I’m only able to go for a week. I’m still trying to find work over there so I can live nearer to her, but as of yet no luck.

Despite the chaos of moving and my brother’s visit I did have the chance to try a ‘new recipe’ so I have to share with you today…

*drum roll*

Fried Avocado!

I don’t remember where I heard about this from, but it seemed simple enough and I really needed to update so I thought I’d give it a shot… Here are some pictures with some instructions along side them…

What you are going to need:
Coconut (shredded/¿powder?)
Oil (Coconut Oil)

Prepare avocado (slice/dice)
Beat the egg in a bowl.
Put the oil in a skillet.
Set up coconut for breading.

Dip the pieces of avocado in egg then coat in coconut.
Place in pan over medium/high heat.

Fry until golden and delicious.

I have made these a couple of times since these pictures were taken, and I find them very simple and delicious. I have found if you salt them it is pretty tasty also…and I’m not a big fan of salt. The next time I make them I’m planning on dicing the avocado into bit sized pieces, breading, frying, then salting in hopes of a pretty decent analogue for Popcorn/snacky thing… … I am optimistic as to it’s outcome…

Try to make your own fried avocado and regale me with your adventures!

In other news I’m hoping to participate in the Primal Workout Challenge this weekend, provided I ‘heal up’ from my workouts prior… there will be an update following with my progress…(PrimalToad/NourishedMeadow)

Grok On!


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2 Responses to Hello…hello… is this thing on?

  1. El says:

    Oh wow, that looks spectacular!


  2. Erin says:

    Mmmmm, avocado. Sigh

    I am in the same boat on the fitness challenge. I am either in recovery or have workout plans the next day so keep avoiding the fitness challenge. I am not overly worried because I know I am progressing by leaps and bounds, but would love to do another measurement (more then likely at the intermediate level). Hopefully soon!

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