We’re Working Out!

Today in the mail I got my copy of Al Kavadlo’s new book entitled “We’re Working Out! A Zen Approach to Everyday Fitness”

I first got exposed to Al’s work through MDA and then through his blog. After following him for a while he started spreading the word about his new book that would soon be coming out. Even though I don’t personally know Al, since I’ve been following his updates for a little while and participating in the Primal community alongside him I do have a sense of…connected-ness… as such I wanted to give his book a shot… He was asking about 20$ for the book and if you pre-ordered you got free shipping and a signed copy… I figured it was worth the 20$ risk and dove in…

anyway… I’ve been wordy enough…here is my video update for today

We’re Working out initial response.

I will let you know how the book is as soon as I finish it… as of right now I think I will be done with it this weekend.

Just a quick note on my absenteeism lately…

My roommate/landlady has asked me to move out so she can do some remodeling so I have been spending much of my time running around town trying to find a new place to live… I have found a place and will be moving in during this upcoming week…I hope to regain some level of ‘update frequency’ normalcy shortly thereafter…although I’m sure it will be at least a little odd to get a new roommate used to me filming ‘random’ things around the house…

Until next time…

Grok On!

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