Garam Masala!

What is Garam Masala? Well… (as I have learned recently) Garam Masala is an Indian spice mix. Although you can by the spice prepackaged, it is not a uniform recipe and tends to vary by region.

I picked mine up at a local Indian market called Dookan Indian Marketplace, and even though I didin’t really know what it was I thought I’d give it a shot. Turns out the stuff is AWESOME!

Enough on that for now… today’s adventure is…

Garam Masala Pork Chops With Kale!!!

If you haven’t tried Garam Masala I’d highly recommend it. So far I’ve tired it on Chicken and Pork Chops as a rub (a la this recipe) and I’ve tried it in Clafouti (from the recipe on MDA just swapping out the curry for garam masala). I still have a ton left and can’t wait to try new recipes.

I have also picked up some turmeric from the Indian market, but I have yet to use it for anything… Can you help me out?

If you have any ideas for garam masala or for turmeric I’d love to hear about them, possibly even make a video with your suggestion!

until next time..

Grok On!

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2 Responses to Garam Masala!

  1. JP says:

    looks good!

    • MDA's Fatkid says:

      It is awesome! I’ve been a little crazy for garam masala lately…. it pretty much goes on everything! … on a different note… Pan fried (in coconut oil) zucchini is awesome with some cinnamon sprinkled on it!

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