Convict Conditioning

Today I’m starting a new workout ‘program’.  It is based off of the book Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade.

So far I have read through the book and it seems, as most people will say, that the progressions are good…although I could have done without all the ‘story’ myself… still… I’m taking the authors suggestion and starting at the very beginning of the progressions even though I may be beyond some of them as of now.

I have already done a couple days of the Pushup Progressions Level One: Wall Push ups (3×50) and even though they are laughably easy to preform the author stresses how one should ‘put in their time’ with the easy levels to ensure success mastering the final step (the one arm push up in this progression)

Those days were completed while I was finishing the book, so now that I’m finished I’m going to call today my official start.

Todays Progressions will be level 1 from the push up progression and level 1 from the leg raise progression.  so todays exercise will look like this

Wall Push Ups 3×50

Knee Tucks 3×40

I haven’t completed the knee tucks before, but I feel pretty confident that I will be able to complete the ‘Progression Set’, which is essentially the standard required to move to the next stage.  Still… as of right now my plan is to complete this set a couple of times this week and see how I feel before I judge if I should continue here for another few weeks, or move on to the next stages.  I feel as if I will be ready to move on but, once again, the author stresses taking your time to condition your joins even if you can handle the exercises that are higher up (as far as strength is concerned).

Have you tried CC (Convict Conditioning)?  How do you feel about bodyweight exercises?

I’ll post updates on how I feel about CC as I progress…until then

Grok On!


EDIT:  Just finished my sets… as expected the wall push ups were and easy 3×50 although I did notice a ‘weakness’ in the tendons around the elbow. The knee tucks on the other hand I did not do as well as expected… instead of getting the 3×40 I ended up with 2×40, 2×20.  I feel as if that one will get up to speed pretty quickly though.  The weakness in that chain was not where I would have expected it to be; it ended up being my quads, a muscle I generally consider to be strong for me, for some reason they just didn’t like the volume I guess…

Also for the record, for anyone who might be thinking about trying this at home… the Tempo is 2-1-2. 2 seconds down, hold 1 second, two seconds back, rinse, repeat… also…if your form slips that is the end of that set…Quality over quantity.

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7 Responses to Convict Conditioning

  1. JP says:

    Even if I’m doing handstands, muscle ups, etc now, I still think the progressions in this book are gold. It definitely helped me achieve some of my goals (in less time than I had planned).

    I hope you will progress as quickly as me!


  2. MDA's Fatkid says:

    It’s always awesome to hear about people who have had great results using Convict Conditioning!

    I hope to progress quickly, although I’m going to fight myself to take my time instead of rushing right through things 🙂

    I’ll be posting updates on my progress as I go along.

  3. JP says:

    Good to hear!

  4. Buh says:

    Good to hear other people are toughing out the first level progressions. Those shoulder stand squats are more brutal than anticipated (the shoulder stand is actually an INTERMEDIATE yoga position). And the wall pushup, when done slowly actually does build strength over time. I tried one armed pushups for the first time in months and knocked off a clean rep with each arm. No wobbling, no bending. If I’m already meeting the progression standard for step 10, this program must be working! Keep at it!

    • MDA's Fatkid says:

      Shoulder stand squats are pretty rough, it’s more of a challenge to hold my body in that position for that amount of time than it is to actually do the leg movements. Through doing wall pushups I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in the ‘weakness/tenderness’ in my tendons and I think one or two more days of training on that and I’ll most likely move onto level 2. I have much anticipation for the day when I can do solid one arm pushups! That will be a very exciting day! Although I figure it is probably a good ways off…I don’t want to rush things and then fail all together.

      Congratulations on your progress! I hear nothing but good things about this program!

  5. Harout says:

    I just finished reading the book…the steps and the exercises “convinced” me…and I did the first step of push-ups “beginner”…it really hit the tendons …and leg raising…is also great…it teaches or reminds the joints of their ROM.

    Lets see where do will reach…am 48 by the way and haven’t exercised for the past 20 yrs.

    • MDA's Fatkid says:

      Welcome back to the world of fitness Harout! I’m glad to hear you are getting back into things. CC can be very humbling, but take your time with it… I haven’t been as diligent as I should be but have still seen gains…

      Good Luck!

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