Fatkids at Play

As I have mentioned, last weekend; well technically from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday evening, I took a trip northward to Illinois to visit the land of my youth.  While up there I had the opportunity to do something that I don’t get to do very often anymore, and that is… Go Boating!

Now I’m sure power sports aren’t very ‘Primal’ but fun certainly is, and I got a ton of it while hopping on my old board and hitting the water! (not to mention that I got a ton of sun that day, probably a little too much, and I got an awesome workout, since I’m not longer conditioned for such activities.  I was sore until Wednesday(ish) of this week! (we went boating on Saturday).

Anyway… I shot a few videos and have gotten them together and uploaded so without further adieu

Me kneeboarding! (I’m a little rusty, but it came back pretty decently I think)

Fatkid Kneeboarding

This is the other people that were out that day doing what they do!

Fatkid’s Family Boating

What do you do for play? anything out of the ordinary?

Grok On!


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