Homemade Medicine Ball

Homemade Medicine Ball

To make your own homemade medicine ball simply…

-Collect the requisite components

Components: Basketball, Sand, Blade/cutting utensil, Patch kit, Funnel, Cup

Puncture ball

-Fill ball with sand

-Patch ball


I had the chance to take this ball down to the park recently and the patch held up wonderfully under stress (impacting the ground from ~9 ft repeatedly).  Once I get my tripod in the mail I will try to record a supplemental video to give you an idea as to the abuse that it has taken so far with no ill effects.

Do you have any experience with homemade fitness equipment?  How do you feel about it?  Do you train with a medicine ball?  What ways do you integrate it into your program?  Are there other types of fitness equipment you would like to see attempted to be made for cheap/homemade? Questions? Comments?


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2 Responses to Homemade Medicine Ball

  1. Trevor says:

    Good idea! I like it.

    A volleyball might work well, too, since it has a softer exterior like a medicine ball.

    • mdafatkid says:

      A volleyball should work very well!…I wonder how heavy it would be when finished…hrm… if I can find a cheap/used volleyball I just might have to make one and find out!

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