Official Introduction of Fatkid

Edit: since the video doesn’t seem to show up in my RSS reader I will include a link also

Introduction Video

Thank you for visiting! I hope to make this blog an exciting place that will keep you coming back or have you subscribe to my RSS feed located in the top right corner just above the picture of me.

This video represents the first of many to come that will touch on my experiences with Primal living.  I am still feeling out the exact form all of this will come about in, so feel free to give me your input.  I’d love to hear what sort of curiosities you would be interested in seeing explored as I continue along my journey.

Even though some of these things were mentioned I’d just like to restate that through this blog I will chronicle my experiences living following the rules and philosophies of Primal living as laid out by Mark Sisson and his team in both the Primal Blueprint and at Marks Daily Apple.

I look forward to your feedback.

Grok on!


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2 Responses to Official Introduction of Fatkid

  1. Trevor says:

    Liking the site. Keep up the good work.

    Regarding video service providers, just be careful with Vimeo. If at any point in the future you become commercial (sell a book, offer training, etc) Vimeo could suspend your account and you lose your past videos. But that might not be an issue. Vimeo’s got great quality.

    • mdafatkid says:

      Thanks! I hope to keep good content coming!

      I have ran into one issue with vimeo so far… for their free service I can only upload 500MB of content a week, which isn’t so bad, except I have a new update to upload and the video is 700MB so I can’t upload it until I figure out a way to shrink it down

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