The Birth of a New Fatkid!


Fatkid here to say Welcome to!

I have started this blog to help chronicle my experiences in Primal living.  If you are at a loss as to what I am talking about I would highly recommend checking out The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson, or if you prefer a more web based experience I would suggest Marks Daily Apple or more specifically The Primal Blueprint 101.

To start I’m going to set up some goals for this blog.

Goal 1.  2-3 updates a week, on average.

Goal 2.  1 update a week covering Primal cooking.

Goal 3.  Become more active in the Primal community/grow Primal presence.

Goal 4. Help fellow Primals spread awareness of the Primal lifestyle.

That is probably a good starting point.

I’m planning on most of my updates to consist of video content but I am leaving some room for self discovery in this blogging journey.  It will, most likely, take a couple of updates before I get the hang of the video quality/editing so please bear with me.

Please comment on this with suggestions as to what type of content you would be interested in consuming.  Primal recipes, Primal exercise, Primal philosophy…  Questions? comments?


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2 Responses to The Birth of a New Fatkid!

  1. diydinner says:

    Hey there Fatkid – not looking so fat to me 😀
    I’ll watch with interest… love the video focus rather than writing. Nice to ring the changes!

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