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Wait a minute… shouldn’t there be a video here or something?… maybe a talking head blibbering about how it’s driving because it has no time? On that note how does a talking head even drive?!…

Anyway enough with the silliness (pfft… like there is ever enough silliness!)

I thought I’d take a second to put up some information for Groks in my area… I currently reside in central Florida (I split my time between Melbourne and Orlando) and I have come across a few resources. For those of you in the area please check them out, and if you know of some others let me know… I would love to find even more treasures!

Fresh Box Organics
This is a produce delivery service. They are a small company (as far as I know) that each and every week (or every other) delivery fresh organic produce to my door! They are out of Brevard County but do deliver to my residence in Winter Springs. So far I think they are awesome, surprisingly affordable, and delicious. Since I’ve started using this service I pretty much have stopped buying produce anywhere else. They have a number of options to choose from and are really friendly.

If you decide to start using the service feel free to drop my name. It most likely won’t get you anything (discounts or the like) but at least then Lucinda (the lady who runs it) will know you are my friend.

Heart of Christmas Farms (map)

This is a local farm out by Christmas Florida that goes all hydroponic, organic vegetables. They also have dairy cows and I believe some other stuff… They host a Farm store on Sundays and frequent local farmer’s markets. Another store on this list carries dairy products created at this local farm.

Appleseed Health Food (map)

I haven’t yet made it to Appleseed but I hear really good things… for one they sell raw yogurt and carry many other ‘crazy’ things that you just can’t find elsewhere in the Spacecoast.

Sunseed Co-op (map)

Another place I haven’t been too but here amazing things. They supposedly have Kombucha and amazing produce. If I’m to believe my ears they carry the best produce on the Spacecoast. Their website is currently down so this is a link to their blog… still check it out, they are on my list of places to get to.

The Produce Place

I have only been to this place once. They seemed to carry high quality produce. The real gem here is they carry Ostrich eggs! … Their supply is limited but I’m on the list to get one… they come from some local guy… how awesome is that!

this next one isn’t exactly Primal/Paleo but if you are in a pinch you may find it handy..

The Bald Strawberry (map)

This is a local bakery/cafe that is 100% gluten free… check them out… I haven’t been there yet but if I’m feeling cheaty or some place ‘just has to have cake’ maybe this is an option… I figure I may call them sometime to see if they have any grain free options but that may just be wishful thinking…

Anyway… that is all for now. Don’t forget to leave your ‘local gems’ down below!

Grok on,

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Grass fed beef giveaway?

Check out this link for a chance to win some grassfed beef!

Also for any Groks in the area… There will be a GrokFeast happening in Melbourne on Sunday the 25th…if you are interested in more info let me know we’d love to have you out!

Grok on!

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Body by Science Review

Video Link

Just for reference the book can be found here…
Body By Science Book
You can also check out the website here

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MDA 30-day challenge!

So I know this video is currently broken…as soon as I get on wifi again I will be swapping it for a working version so if you see a thumbnail below it should be working…otherwise I’m sorry but you’ll have to come back later…

For those who want to know what this video covers… basically I’m just talking about how MDA is doing their 30 day challenge and I will be participating…

Video Link

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Stubborn Fat Solution exp. 3

Just a little catch up… 😀 weeeeee!

Video Link

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The Vegetarian Myth and Zucchini

Video Link

In other news…I’ve been reading Body By Science by Doug McGuff and will be posting a review when I’m through with it…

Also today I’m fasting with the intend of after work running a Stubborn Fat Solution Protocol using a FULL STACK! (aka no half doses of suppliments!)… I’ve never done this before and honestly I’m not so sure it will be so good… when I take a full dose of caffeine, a full dose of L-tyorsine, and a HALF dose of Yohimbine HCL I am all sort of crazy and it leaves me messed up for the rest of the day… on top of that I am usually fairly ravenous afterward (although I’m sure fasting is partly to blame for that haha) but still… luckily I don’t work tomorrow (its my birthday …ssshhhh don’t tell anyone) so I am staying home and if I need to I can get back to center

Anyway… it is awfully quiet around here… sooo feel free to post a comment!

And if you happen to be in the greater Orlando area… tomorrow night we’ll be hitting up Texas de Brazil for a meat feast in honor of my girlfriend and my birthdays! (that’s right…she stole my birthday :-/)

until next time..

Grok on!

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Stubborn Fat Solution Exp. 02

Video Link

Video Link

it has been a few days since these videos where shot…and my weight has fluctuated a bit… much more rapid changes than usual but still on the low side of normal for me… we’ll see how things develop further down the road…

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